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Video Marketing

January 22, 2013

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We live in the digital world where people's lives have been greatly relying on technology, most especially the net. With the evolution of the World Wide Web, various marketing strategies and trends are also altered by companies to be able to get in touch with the modern audience. And that's why marketing with video showed up.

Video Marketing

But what is marketing with video to start with?

Some might not realize it but online video marketing is a strategy that's been used by marketers back in the day. Actually, it had been just about the most effectual ways to endorse new companies, services and products for the market.

Video Marketing

You are probably thinking, if that were the phrase online video marketing before, then what's marketing with video today?

It's just a promotional technique that utilizes videos to promote new companies, products. Movie or online marketing is commonplace for internet sites and is also regarded as being one of the most influential tools for sales and advertising, regardless of any organization niche.

Exactly what are a few of the benefits of engaging in online video marketing?

Ranking Higher on Search Engines

Needless to say, you want your business to be clicked first once it has been searched. Why? Because being ranked higher on any internet search engine increases your company leads; and when you increase your leads, you get customers.

According to a Forrester research, the chances of a web site to appear around the first page of Google are 50% higher in the event it contains a video.

Advertising Email may very well be Opened

If the email subject line has got the word "video" within it, folks are actually more enticed to open it 2-3 times greater than the subject lines which do not.

Though there may be some glitches concerning video attachment in emails (like servers unable to embed videos directly), you will find marketers who get away with it. What they do is they make use of a picture of the play button which automatically redirects to some website landing page (containing your video) once clicked.

More Users may be Converted

No matter if everything you have there is a website landing page or even a webinar, any page which has a video inside it will really convert more users.

In fact, product pages which have videos in it have been proven to convert 6-30% a lot better than those videos that do not.

With increased plus more companies employing marketing with video inside their tactics and strategies, it surely can become more progressively popular in recent times.